Important Grant Information

GCTA has the following two grant programs:


1. "Adopt a School" grants - available for schools or parks to help set up 10 and Under Tennis program in PE or after school.


2. "Annual Program Grants" - other grants accepted with two deadlines/cycles per year. March 31 deadline - applicants will receive a decision by April 30. September 15 deadline - applicants will receive a decision by October 15.


You may submit your grant request via email, standard mail, or by using the online form option below. Please apply by only one method listed.


Grant Guidelines

The following guidelines were adopted by the GCTA Grant Committee and are provided to help you as you prepare your GCTA grant request.


Grants will only be made to clubs/organizations/schools and not to individual persons.


Preference is given to junior programs.


Preference is given to ongoing programs with successful past performance.


While a request for money to be used for capital expenses (such as facility improvements) will be considered, the amount of money available through the GCTA grant process is generally not sufficient to fund such a project.


The GCTA is interested in one-time events as well as in ongoing programs.


The GCTA always considers self-sustainability as a key success factor; however, it also recognizes the value of a successful program that is not likely to become self-sustaining.


The usual amount awarded is between $100 and $5,000.


GCTA grant committee will make the final decision. If your request is not funded, the committee may refer you to an alternative funding source.



Click here to download the application. Fill it out, save it, and email it as an attachment with any additional documents to


Click here to download the application. Fill it out, make four copies, and mail to The GCTA, 5865 Belfast Owensville Rd. Batavia, OH 45103, along with any additional documents.


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Thomas E. Price Future Star Achievement Grant Application


2020 Applications are now being accepted. Deadline for entry is July 14, 2020.


Grant Overview

The Thomas E. Price Development Fund, a restricted fund of the Greater Cincinnati Tennis Association, was established by Tom and his family.  The fund enables grants to be awarded annually to top-ranked juniors from the Greater Cincinnati region.

The intention of the fund is to support junior tennis players from the Cincinnati who are on the pathway to succeed at the National, International and Professional Levels. Expenses accumulate quickly when on this pathway, and this fund will help our city's juniors to excel in that high goal set arena.


The Thomas E. Price Future Star Achievement Grant will be awarded to two junior players in the Greater Cincinnati area: 

  • One female and one male player who are competing as amateurs in Girls’ and Boys’ 14, 16 and/or 18 age divisions. If there is not a qualified player of each sex there is the potential to award two girls or two boys in the same year.

  • Players must also demonstrate recent progression in ranking or standing positions. 

  • Limited to those Greater Cincinnati junior players who have attained a USTA Midwest Ranking in the top 100 in the prior year or who have a current National Standing in the top 200.

  • Players may not have any suspension points or other penalties imposed by any Tournament Committee or other administrative body.


A grant of $2,500 will be made to one female and one male junior tennis player each year. If there is not a qualified player of each sex there is the potential to award two girls or two boys in the same year.

Funding will be awarded to pay for tournament and player development expenses that include airfare, lodging, entry fees, meals, and coaching. There is no limit on how many times one player can be awarded the Thomas E Price Grant.

Upon acceptance of the award a player will forfeit their right to play Ohio or Kentucky High School Tennis.

Players understand that their acceptance is not allowed by the OHSAA and that the grant can only be used for tennis related expenses. These expenses include training, fees, travel, etc. Many players that receive this award do not have intentions to play high school, as there national and international training and competition will not allow it.


Greater Cincinnati area junior players shall submit a completed grant application. The application will need to include: 

  • a recommendation letter from a coach 

  • a signed release that authorizes the use of the recipient’s name, image, tournament results, and player quotes/comments for the sole purpose of promoting the Thomas E. Price educational and philanthropic entity of the Greater Cincinnati Tennis Association (GCTA).

A committee of tennis professionals will select the recipients.


Click on grant application below to download!

Thomas E. Price Future Star Achievement Grant Application