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Finding a Facility

Becoming a member at a local club is one of the best ways to get your child started in the game of tennis. Local clubs have the resources to help your child enjoy and excel at the game. These resources can be anywhere from one-on-one private lessons to group clinics for practice against other players similar in age. Greater Cincinnati has a wide variety of tennis clubs in the area. Click here for a list of clubs in the area.




Check with your club to find out what size racquet is best for your child. Racquet manufacturers offer age appropriate equipment. Most clubs will have a pro shop with demo racquets that you can borrow before you decide which racquet you want. Check with the club pro to see which racquet best suits you; they will help direct you as to where to buy your racquet.



10 and Under Tennis

10 and Under Tennis is the equivalent to Baseball's Teeball. Through age appropriate equipment and professional instruction, the 10 and Under program is a fun way to help kids learn how to play tennis quickly.

  • 10 and Under is recommended for children ages 4-14.

  • Kids are divided by ability and age from beginners to advanced.

  • Beginners are typically age 4-7 and primarily use foam teaching balls to learn to rally.

  • Intermediate players are typically age 6-10 and implement both the foam teaching balls and low pressure balls with a slightly bigger court to rally and learn point play.

  • Advanced play is typically age 6-14 and is for players who can rally (5-10 ball points) and keep score with low pressure balls. 


In 2014, the USTA implemented a revised tournament structure for players under the age of 11. This revised tournament structure allows for players to advance to various stages of the 10 and Under Tennis pathway as they show competency within each stage of play while using appropriate equipment. For more information, download the pdf here.



Taking Lessons/Group Clinics

Area clubs employ knowledgeable tennis pros to teach clinics and private lessons. Lessons are a critical part of learning the game in that your child can get one-on-one attention to correctly learn the proper stroke production. These new skills can be implemented during group clinics to build on the improvements made during the lesson. Group clinics (divided by skill level) are necessary for peer-to-peer play experience, while lessons teach the fundamentals and strategy of the game. Click here for a pdf list of clubs in the area.


F.A.S.T. Tennis - Fun At School Tennis

The Goal of FAST is to change the way youth tennis is played. We are doing this by offering tennis sign ups through schools similar to other sports. Visit to sign up for our Fall and Spring School Leagues held at local clubs.


Other Resources

For more information on getting started in this sport, please visit any of the links below.


Your Tennis Pathway to Success (PDF)

USTA website for 10 and Under Tennis

Unites States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA)

Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)

United States Tennis Association (USTA)

Competitive play involves various levels:

Junior High/High School Tennis

Many schools offer competitive varsity tennis teams. You can check with the Athletic Director at your Junior High or High School to find out if a tennis program is available at your school.

  • In Ohio, the girls' season is in the fall and the boys' season is in the spring. For more information about eligibility and rules, please go to You can also visit Ohio Tennis Zone for high school player bios and tournament results. 

  • In Kentucky, high school tennis is played in the spring for both boys and girls. For more information, please go to for eligibility and rules. 


USTA Junior Team Tennis (JTT)

Junior Team Tennis is a great way for kids to play on a team and have fun playing competitive tennis. GCTA is proud to coordinate and offer Intermediate to Advanced leagues of USTA Jr. Team Tennis in the Summer throughout Greater Cincinnati.

  • USTA JTT is available for children 10 and Under through 18 and Under.

  • Teams are co-ed and matches are won as a team based on the total game score of all matches played.

  • For questions on participation or information on volunteering to assist a team in your area for the summer, please email Brad Seymour at

  • Additional information can be found on the USTA website.

  • For additional USTA JTT within Clinton County please visit the Wilmington Area Tennis Association website.

USTA Junior Tournaments (Advanced)

The Cincinnati area is considered part of the Ohio Valley Tennis Association (OVTA) District, which is part of the USTA Midwest Section, which is part of the USTA National System. Players can play locally in the Cincinnati area or they can play in the Ohio Valley District or Midwest Section or on the USTA National level. These tournaments are for advanced players looking to obtain a local, regional or national ranking. For national rankings, you must play in tournaments outside your section. There are also invitational tournaments that require qualification. These can greatly improve your National Ranking. To compete in these tournaments you must be a USTA member. Visit and contact your pro for more information on the tournament process.


Understanding Rankings

Rankings exist on 4 levels: locally (the Cincinnati area), the Ohio Valley District, the Midwest Section or the USTA National level. These standings are based on point accumulation throughout the year. The top six results are counted so kids are encouraged to play more and are not penalized for losing matches. The level of your opponent determines the points you generate. For more information on this points system, please visit


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